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Paris Fashion Week - Street Style, Fall 2014 

Chrys Columbine {the Queen of British Burlesque} in Made by Niki. Beautiful set!



“Borrowers and Lenders” investigates Punchdrunk’s production of “Sleep No More.”

First off, there’s this incredible promo video which was built into the introductory article.  Lots of old familiar faces.

There’s 10 articles (all look quite lengthy) that seem to each dissect the show in various ways.  I’m sure they will create quite a lot of discussion.  Just from the titles, you can interpret the tone of some of the opinions of these Shakespeare scholars.   Congrats to our very own Delirium Dog, who wrote the 10th article, “Tracking the Scottish Play:  The Sounds of Sleep No More.” 

A plane ride to the West Coast should give me ample time to read them all.

1)  Introduction by Matt Kozusko

2)  Fractured Realities:  A Receptive Review of Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More by Sivan Grunfeld

3)  The Murder of a Tale by Pamela J. Rader

4)  Touching the Spectator:  Intimacy, Immersion, and the Theater of the Velvet Rope by Colette Gordon

5)  Crossing the Line:  Liminality and Lies in Sleep No More by J.D. Oxblood (spoilers)

6)  Punchdrunk’s Sleep No More:  Masks, Unmaskings, One-on-Ones by Thomas Cartelli

7)  Last Night I Dreamt I Went to Sleep No More Again:  Intertextuality and Indeterminacy at Punchdrunk’s McKittrick Hotel by Alice Dailey

8)  What’s Missing in Sleep No More by Sophia Richardson and Lauren Shohet

9)  Punchdrunk:  Performance, Permission, Paradox by Sean Bartley

10)  Tracking the Scottish Play:  The Sounds of Sleep No More by Glenn Ricci (Delirium Dog)

You may recognize essays #7 and #10 from Tumblr.

A few of the authors use dmoldovan’s write-ups of visits as source material, as well as mentioning Scorched.

Essay #7 still contains the claims that there are multiple Macbeths/Lady Macbeths at the banquet table scene and that Nurse Shaw is a former “prior patient” (should be “pica patient” per the program). The author does not seem to realize that the bald actress is a witch (Bald Witch), either.

Essay #5 (Crossing the Line: Liminality and Lies in Sleep No More) is particularly nicely-written, though it contains spoilers for those who have not yet experienced the Matron’s 1:1.